These are my current YouTube videos on Tunisian crochet. These videos do not include the videos which I’ve made exclusively for online classes I teach. In addition to these videos, I have regular crochet and knitting videos also available on my YouTube Channel.

Here are the right-handed versions of the Tunisian crochet videos. I also have left-handed versions which you will find on my YouTube channel above.

*Linked stitches are nothing more than Tunisian crochet worked in a join-as-you-go method. Like foundation stitches, they are all Tunisian crochet variations.


  • Delores Clary

    Hi, I love this site – first time i have been here. I am a senior, crocheting for many years but never using the Tunisian st. I would like to make a blanket for my grandson using this st and then cross stitching a Spiderman pattern on it. I tried sc but carring the colors made it to thick. I would like to get a video on making this afghan using 150 stitches. The tunisian hook is not that long. Please inform me of how to do this. God bless you, this site looks marvelous. Can tell it took some tiem to achieve thanks again abd hope to hear from you soon.

    • crochetkim

      You can actually fit an afghan on a hook three times the size of the hook. With a 14″ hook, you can fit an afghan of about 42″, although I have made larger afghans on the 14″ hook. The loops had to be squished on there pretty tightly. It was doable, just not very comfortable. If you are unable to fit your stitches on the hook. there are hooks made with a cable to lengthen it and give you more space for stitches. You might have a look at my Tunisian Hooks page here.

  • Delores Clary

    aksi, I am not on Facebook

  • Delores Clary

    ooops, i meant also not aksi

  • Theresa brennan


  • Nicholas Hawley

    Hi Kim

    Looking forward to reading your new books!

    Do you have a free tutorial on how to tunisian in the round?


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  • Di Vincent

    I have bought your book, some hooks and yarn. I’m finding the book super clear and have now mastered the basic simple stitch but …. I don’t seem to be able to get a uniform look on the reverse. The odd “bobble” is too loose – I’m assuming it’s a beginner tension problem but can’t work out if I’m being too tight on one row and dragging the stitches together or too loose or or or. Any ideas much appreciated – thank you.

  • Marny CA

    I have almost all of your books – and still only Just Look! My, my … what ever will I do with me – and all my SOS, if I don’t start using them for other than eye candy.

    Thank you!

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