As of the date of this post, I have written a dozen books on Tunisian crochet since I’ve started designing professionally.

These are three current books. They span difficulty levels. There is a beginner’s book to walk you through all the basics and more. The Lace book introduces you to the use of lace stitch patterns and even includes a DVD! The Tunisian cables book expands on your knowledge by making cables that look like they are hand-knitted. Please click here to see my complete listing of books and to check availability.

These are some of my most popular Tunisian crochet patterns currently available at Kimane Designs here.

Kenzie Cowl. A Tunisian crochet in-the-round project. More information.

Mariposa. A Tunisian lace project. More information.

Geo Scarf. Tunisian crochet short rows. More information.

Crescent Bag. Tunisian crochet short rows and felting. More information.

If you’re looking for my books, please visit my website here for a complete listing of all my published books.

If you are a member of Ravelry, this is a complete listing of all my currently-published Tunisian crochet patterns.


  • Leila Pisano

    I subscribe to Interweave crochet mag. The winter 2014 issue had a tunisian cable sweater and a practice “scarf” pattern. I’ve been trying to figure it out and I can’t seem to. The 20 sts start with first loop on hook , then (ttwps,tks) but when I get to the end, it seems like you need to do another tks to finish the row. Then when I got to the set up for the cable row, I counted first loop on hook, ttwps, tks, ttwps, 12tks, (ttwpa,tks) twice. But the next st. after the 12tks is a tks on row below and it messes up the pattern. Am I starting out wrong? How can I make this work?

    • There is the first loop, there are 3 sts for the purl/knit combination at the beginning, there are 12 stitches for the cable portion and then 4 sts for the purl/knit combination (which ends with a knit stitch in the last stitch). That should equal 20 stitches. I hope that helps!

  • Barbara Butler

    Hi I’m trying to make the mitts you have in the leisure arts book Learn Tunisian Crochet. And I cant figure out the stitch you used between the wrist and the hand portions of the pattern.

    • Between the wrist and the hand? Do you mean the picking up loops portion before you start doing Tunisian Knit Stitch? You will simply insert your hook in the sides of the rows of the wrist, yarn over and pick up a loop. Then, you will continue picking up loops all the way across until you have the number of stitches required.

  • Barbara Butler

    yes that is what i’m talking about. I’m not sure how do to close them, once I pick them up. Do I close them the same way I do in the tunisian stitches.

  • Barbara Butler

    thank you. i love this pattern and have been trying it and couldn’t figure that part out. kind of figured that was what i was supposed to do but for some odd reason it didnt look right.

  • Katherine

    I have a puzzle for you to solve!
    I am working on a pattern that calls for a YO before a tps. This is in order to form an increase but whenever I try this combination, I lose the Yarn over loop and hence lose the extra stitch. I know that you are busy and are fielding questions from around the world, but if you have any idea as to how to manipulate the needles and tools so as to keep both loops on the hook, I’d love to know!

    Many thanks!

    • I am late seeing this question. I no longer get notification when someone comments (which is why I’ve been steadily moving my posts to my other websites). I doubt you are still having a problem but it’s an intriguing question so I wanted to give an answer. I personally think I would try to substitute the purl with a reverse stitch so that a yarn over could be accomplished before the stitch. Many times, these two stitches can be substituted for each other. It’s not exact, but it could work for you.

  • Katherine

    Thank you for your response! I will try the reverse stitch!

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