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Please be patient as I attempt to put together a resource page for Tunisian crochet hooks. It’s not as easy as it sounds. This will be a page of types of hooks available. But, it will not be a list of links to the hooks. You will have to find the hooks on your own. I will, however, be putting a list of vendors at the bottom of the page and you are welcome to search their products. It will certainly not be comprehensive. This page will quite possibly never be finished as hooks come and go on the market. I will probably never have every bit of information on every available hook. So, please feel free to post comments below if you have more current information or you would like me to add a brand.

If you are new to Tunisian crochet, when choosing your hooks, keep in mind a few tips.

1) Your hook needs to be at least 1/3 as long as your project. For instance, you can make a 30″ project on a 10″ hook. However, some people prefer a cable to help distribute the weight of the work.

2) A double-ended hook can be used for regular Tunisian crochet. If your loops fall off the end, put a rubber band on the end to use as a stopper.

3) Double-ended hooks are a good bargain since you can use them for regular Tunisian, double-ended Tunisian and Tunisian in-the-round.

4) The choice of hook is a personal preference. There is no answer to “which is the best?” Whether you like working with a cabled hook or a straight hook. Or, whether you like working with a metal hook or a bamboo hook. These are personal choices.

5) You do not need an entire set of Tunisian crochet hooks to get started. While it’s nice to have a range of sizes, it’s not necessary when you’re learning. You can even use a regular crochet hook to learn the stitches before you commit to purchasing extra hooks. If you would like an inexpensive set to get started, there are several inexpensive generic bamboo sets available at various vendors (see list below). These would get you started and you can always pick up a nicer set later. Keep in mind that the smaller size bamboo hooks can snap easily, but the larger sizes are used more anyway. The most frequent sizes I use are K and L.


Pony makes double-ended and circular hooks. They are made of heavy-duty plastic casein. The double ended hooks are 13.5″ in length and are available in sizes 2mm through 6mm. The circular hooks are 31.5″ in length and are available in sizes 2mm through 6mm. Can be used for regular Tunisian and double-ended Tunisian.


ChiaoGoo makes flexible and straight Tunisian crochet hooks. I believe I also have some double-ended cabled hooks from them. All made of bamboo. The flexible hooks are available in 24 32, 40 and 60″ cord lengths and range in size from 4mm to 11.5mm. The straight hooks are 9″ or 13″ in length and range is size from 3.5mm to 11.5mm.


Boye is obviously a well-known brand. Straight Tunisian hooks are available in a 14″ length and are readily-available in sizes H, I and K. They also make double-ended 14″ hooks and have flex-cable hooks. Boye has a new Rosewood collection which includes some super jumbo hooks like sizes R, S and T (14″ length).

Susan Bates

Susan Bates is also a popular and well-known brand. Hooks come in a 10″ length, making them lighter should you need something shorter. They are available in regular, double-ended and flex-cable.

The Crochet Dude

From Boye, The Crochet Dude has available 3 flex-cable hooks in sizes L, P and Q.

Laurel Hill

Laurel Hill makes Tunisian crochet hooks, 10″ in length, in sizes 3.25mm to 10mm. They are made of Forest Palm wood.


Clover makes some wonderful 6″ double-ended hooks, perfect for Tunisian crochet in-the-round. They are available in sizes 4mm through 6mm.  Use care when choosing a double-ended hook from Clover. They also make double-ended hooks with a different size hook tip on each end. These are handy for regular crochet to reduce the number of hooks you carry around with you. Make sure that you are getting the double-ended hook made for afghan/Tunisian crochet.


As far as I can tell, Knit Pro is marketed outside the US. Some may have been imported by KnitPicks and Webs. But, there are still more. You will need to search the websites in the UK, Japan and Germany (among others). I don’t have a lot of information on them since they aren’t readily-available in the US. But, I know that they make the purple acrylic in both double-ended and interchangeable. And, they *will* be mine one day. Oh, yes, they *will* be mine.

Turn of the Century

Turn of the Century hooks are available online in both double-ended and single-ended Tunisian crochet hooks (among a range of other supplies). The double-ended hooks are available in 3 lengths (10″, 12″, 14″), in sizes G-N. The single-ended are available in the same lengths, in sizes G-K. Although I don’t have one of these hooks myself, I have heard wonderful things about them. These are not mass-produced hooks. They are handmade by talented artisans.


Developed by Mary Middleton, the Crochenit hook comes in only one size, size M. It can be used for regular Tunisian, double-ended Tunisian and Tunisian in-the-round. Although I’ve seen the word crochenit used to encompass all double-ended Tunisian, it is actually the trademarked term for this one hook and the accompanying patterns. I encourage you to visit the website, Crochenit.net and read about Mary’s story and see the great many patterns she has made with this hook.

Easy Tunisian

Easy Tunisian hooks were designed by Carolyn Christmas exclusively for Annie’s Attic. They are available in sizes L through P.


Denise carries interchangeable hooks. This will allow you to switch cables and hooks to suit your project. They are available in a set or separately. Yes, you *can* purchase the hooks separately which will allow you to try out the hooks before purchasing the set. Or, only purchase those hooks you use most. You can use the hooks for regular Tunisian, double-ended Tunisian and Tunisian in-the-round. The set includes: 12 individual hooks, sizes 3.75mm to 15mm, 7 cord lengths, four end buttons and two extenders. The set works with the Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles, so you can interchange the cables, as needed. I use the Denise hook tips for regular crocheting at times as well. I especially find that the sharp point helps with slip stitch crocheting.


Harmony interchangeable hooks are available from Knit Picks. They work with the same interchangeable cables as their knitting needles. Hook tips and cables are available separately. Hook tips are available in sizes 3.5mm through 10mm.

Knitter’s Pride

New on the market at the time of this writing is Symfonie Dreamz interchangeable hooks. They are color-coded for easy size selection. Hooks are available in a set or individually. They are long enough to be used as a regular crochet hook. Sizes range from 3.5mm through 12mm.

Tulip Carry T

Tulip makes an interchangeable hook set in high quality bamboo. Hooks range in size from 3.5mm through 9mm. I believe these hooks have a swivel, but I need to check them. If so, these are the only currently-manufactured hooks with a swivel. The swivel is very nice because it takes stress off your wrist. But, again, I need to double-check.



  • crochetkim

    When I have time to update the page, the current list of adds are: Addi, MoEz, Jenkins, Crochet On the Double Swivel, u-nitt, stitchberry, magic carbonized, Prym

  • Yes, the Tulip Carry T do have a swivel. And they are gorgeous to use. I have never liked Tunisian because I found the long hooks uncomfortable to use but now I have a set of these, I am tempted to learn more.
    And the best thing about them is, because they are bamboo, they are easily adjusted for Crotat. So I now have a set of Crotat hooks in larger sizes as well as Tunisian!

  • thanx for the helpful info

  • Dianna H.

    I have the Knitter’s Pride set. I also have interchangeable knitting needles from Knit Picks and those cables work on the Knitter’s Pride hooks. They can also be connected together to make double-ended crochet hooks. I am sure that can be done with the Harmony interchangeable hooks as well, though those are not offered in a set yet. I am thinking about ordering some of the Harmony hooks in the sizes I will probably use most for double-ended crochet to supplement my Knitter’s Pride set, rather than buying another whole set.

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  • pete

    Hi Kim,
    You state “Your hook needs to be at least 1/3 as long as your project. For instance, you can make a 30″ project on a 10″ hook.
    Would this also apply to a double-ended hook ?
    Many thanks.

    • crochetkim

      The same rule of thumb doesn’t really apply to double-ended hooks. You can make a 6-foot project with only a 6-inch hook in double-ended Tunisian. In double-ended Tunisian, you do not suffer from the limitation of the size of the hook holding you back. With the double-ended hook, you can simply fill it with loops, then flip it around and work them off at any point across a row. Flip it around and continue filling. You would work a row in sections instead of what you normally do with regular Tunisian.

  • lynn

    KIM- u r the greatest wished i was as half as smart or maybe a fourth as u r. I ordered 6 doubled needles from uk. Haven’t received yet. Hope they are like yours.Knit picks cabled broke like crazy with me so had to go another rough–loved the knitting needles.

    • crochetkim

      Awww…. thank you so much. You’re very kind. I hope you enjoy your hooks! So fun breaking in new hooks. 🙂

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  • Domi

    KnittersPride and KnitPro are the same company. I have a set of each of their Symphony Wood interchangeable needles and afghan hooks.

    • Although they are the same product, KnittersPride is the exclusive name for the products imported into the US. KnitPro is the name of the product in the UK. Unfortunately, not all of the KnitPro products are available in the US. There are some that I really wish were more easily-accessible here. 🙂

  • Domi

    Unfortunately they are only that lovely purple color in one size (US11/8mm).


    As far as I’m aware, Trendz is the only KnitPro range that features double ended tunisian hooks.

    I was initially tempted to get the double ended regular crochet hooks in the symfonie range (they feature 2 different hook sizes on a single needle). It was only because I saw the tunisian/afghan hooks and was intrigued that I discovered tunisian crochet and your youtube videos.

    Currently my only crochet hooks are interchangeable afghan hooks, but I figured that I should be able to use them for any type of crochet. I should even by able to do double ended tunisian providing that I’m prepared to either buy a second hook; use a different size to close; or keep swapping the hook between ends of the cable.

    I’m very tempted to get some 35cm Pony hooks as they are available in sizes up to 12mm, as well as 1/4mm increments in the smaller sizes.

  • Maggie

    Have you tried the Big Stitch hooks from Bagsmith.com? They really seem interesting and with either their yarn (very pricey) or with multiple strands of other yarn.

  • Savannah

    This may be a silly question, however, I am trying to understand what the swivel is for on swivel crochet hooks. What does it swivel? I can not
    find a video or answer anywhere.

    • It’s just a comfort issue. Because the hook is stationary and it can have a lot of weight on it, it’s more challenging to turn it at times and the swivel hook allows you to turn it more naturally without all the weight of the project on it.

  • Ardith

    I have been doing Tunisian crochet and double ended crochet for a couple of years, and I found a great little solution for stitches falling off the hook. This is made as a hair product, and not highly rated at that, but Scunci The Evolution No Slip Grip Super Bandz work well to hold stitches on larger hooks or needles. They are stretchy so will adjust to many sizes, they don’t have to be wrapped around several times, and they are thick enough to prevent year from slipping over them.

  • Daniel Horton

    KnitDenise also has a good selection/set of Tunisian hooks and cables for about 45-50 dollars.

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