Tunisian Crochet: Honeycomb Stitch Pattern

The honeycomb stitch pattern is, by far, the most highly-loved stitch pattern in Tunisian I’ve encountered. I see it everywhere in a lot of different types of projects.

Here is a project which I did in the honeycomb stitch pattern. Kassie is worked in-the-round, with a double-ended hook. (Free Pattern available here.)

To learn the honeycomb stitch pattern, you will first need to learn these four elements (for right-handed and left-handed):

Once you’ve learned from those videos, you can move on to the honeycomb below.

It’s a really fun stitch pattern and I look forward to seeing your projects using it!




  • Carrera

    I was interested in making a pattern I found on Ravelry. After watching some tutorial videos I understand Tunisian crocheting. I can easily do this honeycomb pattern. (Your videos did help since I’m a lefty! Thanks!) But what I don’t understand is how to incorporate the CC. Could you explain please?

    • crochetkim

      I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean by “how to incorporate the CC”.

      • Carrera

        The contrasting color. I only know how to do the stitch in one color

        • crochetkim

          Ah hah! You will just add a new color at the beginning or the ending of the row, whichever you choose. They both have different looks. If you’re doing Tunisian crochet in-the-round, you use one color for picking up loops and one color for closing them.

          • Carrera

            Oh ok. I haven’t tried doing this stitch in the round yet as I don’t have a double ended hook. I made a flat swatch to practice but it didn’t seem to be turning out right. I’ll keep trying and thanks for clarifing for me! Again thanks for the left handed videos!

          • crochetkim

            You are most welcome. :-)

  • Myrl Barron

    I want to make a scarf in honeycomb pattern not in the round.. is there a way to do two color but flat?

  • Karen

    I’m still not getting on how to use two colors on a flat. I’ve tried and I end up with one color at end and one at beginning. And no way to do it useless I cut the yarn every pass

    • When doing color changing with two colors, you must end up with the color changing on the same side of the project. You can either color change on the left side or the right side of your work but you can’t do it on both sides unless you have three colors.

      • Karen

        K so when I go thru and do the purl and reg stitch, do I use the mc to end the second part of the stitch. Or the same color bringing it back with.

        • It doesn’t matter. They both have different looks. Either 1) pick up loops and close them with one color then change colors or 2) pick up loops, change color, then begin the process of close them and pick up with one color and change colors on every closing.

        • I’ve been answering your questions about working with two colors in a flat project. But, out of curiosity, are you trying to attempt the look of Tunisian in-the-round in a flat project? If so, it isn’t possible without cutting the yarns. Working in-the-round has a completely different look. It’s the same as there being different looks with other stitches when working in-the-round versus working flat. It’s just different and that particular look is only possible when working in-the-round unless, of course, you want to cut off.

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