Sneak Peek of New Baby Blanket

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Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook. And, I know that lots of you are patiently waiting for me to release this pattern for my latest baby blanket design. Unfortunately, many things have hindered my release of this design, primarily just life. But, I really do intend to release this design very soon! (I’m posting it in my blog so you guys can force me to get it done. LOL)

I’ve had a devil of a time trying to figure out how to do the videos for the cable. You see, the right-hand video will be a breeze. But, then I have to flip it for the left-hand video. And, no matter what, although the left-hand video will demonstrate how to *do* the cable, there is still the issue of a right-leaning cable being a left-leaning cable for left-handers.

I’ve finally just given up and decided that I will have to make a special note to left-handers. The only other way to get this accomplished is to actually learn how to crochet left handed. And, I really don’t see that happening any time soon. :-)

So, be on the lookout for this new baby blanket design. Now that I’ve got it worked out in my head, I should be able to finish it up soon.

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