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1. Bandeau Cowl. A lovely cotton cowl that makes terrific use of “orphaned” earrings. HERE.

2. Dueling Colors Cowl. A quick and easy technique with video tutorials available. HERE.

3. Rippling Waves Cowl. Stretch your skills with this cabled project and bulky yarn. HERE.

4. Butterfly Fling. A cool cotton project made in a fascinating stitch pattern. Look for more Flings in the future. I’m calling them flings because you’ll just fling it on, add a pin and go! Fun! HERE.

5. Crescent Bag. Super fun felted bag made from Cascade 220. HERE.

6. Noema Cowl. Made in a cotton blend and perfect for spring. HERE.

7. Favorite Mens Beanie. Super fun project with a super stretchy stitch pattern, making this a perfect casual beanie for everyone. HERE.

8. Marilyn. I’ve released a pattern preview of one size in this lovely spring top. HERE.

9. Carousel Baby Dress. A fun little project for baby. HERE.


BONUS! I’ve released all my class material including text, photos and videos to learn filet crochet! HERE.

Until next time, Enjoy!

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  • janelle

    I enjoy your videos because:
    1. your voice pitch is soft
    2. you don’t drone on and on
    3. you stay on topic instead of detailing your day to day life
    4. you know how to explain the details of the specific technique

    Thank you

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