June Free Crochet Patterns at CrochetKim

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Things have really been moving at CrochetKim and I was able to post EIGHT free crochet patterns on my website this month! Just in case you missed any of them, I’ve listed them all for you below.

A-Maizing Ribbed Belt

Peacock Lace Infinity Cowl

Stripey Poncho

Turquoise Mandala

Lazy Daisy Baby Top

Victorian Rose Baby Hat

Wobbly Bobbly Cowl

Emerald Lace Fling Wrap


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Personal Message to Creators

This website contains affiliate links.

17472761_sImage Copyright: Maryna Ivanova / 123RF Stock Photo Used with permission.

Creating is fun. Creating is exciting. You want to share your work with the world. I understand. I know the feeling. But, there is also another part of the creative world that isn’t as fun. It can be distressing. And, on occasion, it can be downright disturbing.

People will want the instructions on how to create it. Please will want it and sometimes demand it.

I can’t even share a photo of something I’ve just created without someone freaking out because there is no pattern yet.

They will ask you for:

  • Instructions in English.
  • Instructions in Spanish.
  • Instructions in every language under the sun.
  • A video tutorial.
  • A photo tutorial.
  • A drawn tutorial.
  • A drawn chart.
  • Another size.
  • Every other size.
  • Instructions in another needlework method or technique.
  • The list goes on and on.

It is human nature to desire things and the demands will be there but it doesn’t mean that you need to provide them! If you don’t have the time, energy or technology to provide, please don’t let it eat you up. It’s okay to say no.

The internet has opened up your world to a large variety of people and some are very demanding about their requests. Just say no. You can’t do it all. You will never be able to do everything that every person requests of you.

Do what you love and say no to the rest. Trying to fulfill every single request of every single person will take all the joy out of creating.

Edit: Just so there is no misunderstanding. People are going to make requests. Suggestions are terrific! It’s not about the asking. It’s about how the creator responds to those requests. Some creators will try so hard to fulfill those requests that it becomes overwhelming and can lead to all kinds of problems (been there) when, really, sometimes the best response is “No, I can’t do that right now.” This is a life lesson and goes beyond crochet. It could be applied to any number of things. The ability to say no can be difficult.

Know when to embrace the No.

41015540_sImage Copyright: maudis60 / 123RF Stock Photo Used with permission.

Turquoise Mandala Now Available

This website contains affiliate links.


The free crochet pattern for my Turquoise Mandala is now available in full, beginning with Part 1 HERE.


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